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Our Services
a) Technical translation:

Architecture, medical, aeronautics, legal texts. The possibility of using computer assisted translation software, such as TRADOS, depending on client

b) Literary translation:

We have extensive experience in the translation of literary texts.

c) Sworn (or legally certified) translations:

We work in close collaboration with translators that have been certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and are authorised for the
legally binding translation (with certified stamp and signature) of your documents.

d) Audiovisual Translation:

We translate dubbing scripts; subtitles, with or without synchronisation (time code and length of time each subtitle appears on the screen) as well as
writing audio description narrations. When necessary we can work with the client’s own programs.

e) Revision and style correction:

Once the translation is finished we then subject it to a careful revision of both its content and form. Furthermore, if you have texts in Spanish or Catalan
that need to be revised or edited do not hesitate to contact us so that we can take a look at them and give them a final polish with regard to style.

f) Interpretation:

We collaborate with fully qualified professionals with extensive experience in the sector and are well positioned to provide consecutive, simultaneous or
liaison interpretation services, depending on the type of event:

Simultaneous interpretation: The interpreter simultaneously translates the speaker’s discourse while he/she is speaking, usually while sitting in an
interpreter’s booth, those attending can listen to this translation on headphones.

Consecutive interpretation: The interpreter, alongside the speaker, fully or partially translates the discourse on a consecutive basis, when the
speaker has finished, or paused.

Liaison Interpretation: The interpreter stands or sits next to one of the participants and translates what is being said as it is being said,
whispering directly into the participant’s ear.

g) Transcription:

We also have a team of transcribers with the necessary experience and tools to produce transcriptions of rigorous accuracy.
Here you’ll find some examples of the translations that we have produced in a number of different spheres

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